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Contraves EOTS Cinetheodolite

Electro Optical Tracking System Telescope

Model EOTS

History of the cinetheodolite:

 The Contraves EOTS replaced the Askania Tracking System that was used from the late 1950s to 29 January 1973. At that time, the Contraves system became operational in both mobile and fixed location configurations. This cinetheodolite was located at one of the many optical instrumentation sites at White Sands Missile Range, and was used to record valuable data during performance testing of missiles, aircraft, and other experimental weapon systems. These fixed cinetheodolites were retired in 1992 to make way for the new Kineto Tracking Mount System.


  • Pershing

  • Athena

  • Sprint

  • Patriot

  • Nike Hercules

  • Redstone

  • Lance

  • Talos

  • Hawk

  • Zeus

The company that presently services this type of equipment has confirmed that the unit will operate on 110VAC, 30 amps (household current) and that they can easily configure the unit to operate solely as an electrically driven cinetheodolite, without the features of data collection as originally designed, if that is the intended use. We will not disconnect or reconfigure the electrical, in the event the buyer would want to access the full range of capabilities.

If this telescope were going to be put back into service and used by an agency for its originally designed purpose, it would need the mainframe computer to link up with and control power box which is not a part of this unit. The precision gears in this unit produce an accuracy to 3 arc seconds, which is not achievable with current instruments (7 arc seconds is about as accurate as instruments of this nature are built today, per the rep). There is virtually no slack or tolerance in this instrument.









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